Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Riverside Indonesian Seventh-Day Adventist Church 5430 Ridgeview Avenue, Mira Loma CA 91752


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  • Ceramah June 2009

    Date Title Presenter
    2009-06-18 June 19, 2009 Pastor Saputro Play
    2009-06-20 June 21, 2009 Pastor Saputro Play
    2009-06-20 June 21, 2009 Edith Habaradas Play
  • Guest Speakers

    videos of guest speakers that have spoken in our church

    Date Title Presenter
    2009-07-03 Sermon on June 4,... Dr. John Pesulima Play
    2009-05-29 Ali's Secret to S... E.Higgins Play
    2009-04-10 Dr. E.D. Peeler -... Dr.E.D Peeler Play
  • Special Songs - Audio

    Date Title Presenter
    2009-03-20 People Need The Lord Play
    2009-03-20 Peacespeaker cover Youth Play
    2009-03-20 Tuhan Memberkatimu RYC Play
  • Audio Sermons

    Date Title Presenter
    2009-01-16 Slow but Sure Eva... Pastor P. Agussap... Play
    2009-03-06 End Times Pastor P. Agussap... Play
  • Skits

    Date Title Presenter
    2009-02-06 Youth Skit Play
    2009-08-14 VBS Music Video! Leisa Ong Play
  • Special Songs - Video

    Date Title Presenter
    2009-01-30 Special Song 1 Play
    2009-01-23 Special Song 1 The Ladies Group Play
    2009-01-30 Special Song 1 The Ladies Group Play
  • Sermon Videos - Archive

    Date Title Presenter
    2009-03-20 God Send His Son B. Soemarna Play
    2009-03-20 Youth and Talent K. Hadicahyono Play
    2009-03-20 To Bear One Another H. Muskita Play
  • Sermon Videos

    Date Title Presenter
    2009-01-23 J. Walean J. Walean Play
    2009-03-20 The Magnetic Church Pastor Praban Agu... Play
    2009-02-06 Defection and Ret... Pastor Praban Agu... Play